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This page is designed to give members of the public information about getting more active, and also students information on getting started into the exercise industry.

In New Zealand we are fortunate to have a registration system that administers standards for individuals and facilities giving out exercise advice - called the New Zealand Register of exercise professionals (REPs). Our advice is to ensure you only get advice from a Registered Exercise Professional, and that if you are looking for health club, fitness centre or similar facility to exercise at, to ensure they are a Registered Exercise Faclity. For a list of both Registered facilities, and Registered personal trainers, click on the logo at the right, and be taken to the REPs search page.

Facilities that are Registered with REPs, must follow the FitnessNZ code of ethics.

Some advice to the public when choosing a fitness centre or exercise facility:

1. For your own safety, ensure it is registered with REPs (see above)
We recommend you pay your membership weekly/monthly. This is both easier to budget for, and also ensures you are better protected under consumer law
3. Find a facility you feel comfortable in - go in and look around and get the "feel" of the place to ensure it's right for you

If you are a student doing an assignment on the fitness industry, you may find this information useful. If you are thinking about working in the fitness industry as an exercise professional (gym instructor, personal trainer etc) then please visit this page which lists the courses that are approved by the NZ registration body (we recommend you do one of these).

You can also visit the web sites below (both are Preferred Suppliers of FitnessNZ, and all their courses are registered with REPs).

If you are not a member of the public or a student, then this is probably not the right section of our web site for you. Click here to be taken to the main menu.


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